This is how an insurance comparator really works

The best car insurance, at the best price. That is the dream of every car user in general. One of the best tools to achieve this is a motorcycle insurance comparator that will help you find the policy you need.

What is an insurance comparator

An insurance search engine is a tool that uses technology to filter the results of the price of motorcycle insurance in different insurers.

A motorcycle insurance comparator has a system that, through a series of key questions, consults different insurers about the price of the motorcycle policy. From there, it shows the results ordered in a different way and highlighting the main characteristics of each product.

Each comparator chooses what data they want to highlight and what questions they will use to filter the insurance they offer . Practically all of them distinguish between basic insurance, extended third party insurance, all risk with excess and all risk.

Advantages of insurance comparators

The main virtue of comparators is that they are of great help when looking for motorcycle insurance . They are fast and generally very easy to use . In a few seconds you can see motorcycle insurance prices from various insurers. The time savings compared to having to request a quote from each insurer is enormous.

All searches are done anonymously to the insurer. This prevents you from receiving an email from each insurer or from using your data against you.

In addition, as all the insurances are in the same grid and under the same format , it is easier to check what coverage each of them offers . With a comparator you will see several insurances divided according to type and generally ordered by price. You do not need to create your own comparison to choose motorcycle insurance.

Disadvantages of insurance search engines

These tools also have their negative points that arise in the form of doubts about the operation of insurance comparators. And it is that in the end it is worth asking if the offer is always more complete or if there is some kind of bias. In other words, is there true price plurality?

In the same way, it is also easy to ask whether the qualitative information is well reflected or not . One of the behavioral biases of your brain is that when there are several characteristics, it tends to focus on one that it will give more importance to than the rest, sometimes even more than it should. Marketing exploits this weakness with the technique of priming or primacy. Basically it consists of highlighting one fact over others so that you think it is the most important and decide around it. It can be the price (a classic) or any other coverage in the case of insurance such as the kilometers of travel assistance, for example. The best way to avoid falling into this trap is to be clear about what you should ask for even cheap insurance .

Types of insurance comparators

For the average user, it is easy to overlook the way an insurance comparator works and the fact that there are different types of search engines. One of the best ways to differentiate them is based on their business model, that is, how they earn their income. In this way we can distinguish between two types of insurance search engines, although as users it is easy for you not to perceive differences.

Lead generating comparators

A lead is when a user performs a search on a site, fills out a form, and lands on a web page. In the case of lead-generating insurance comparators, what they do is send you to another platform to close the contract. They are not brokers or online brokers, so you do not take out motorcycle or car insurance with them, but rather with the insurer itself or with a broker.

Search engines that generate leads charge for each registration or for each contract. In other words, every time you see a price or transfer the data to the insurer, they receive an income.

Comparators that are online brokers

An online insurance broker is an insurance broker that acts as an intermediary for several insurance companies. In a broker’s insurance search engine you can find offers from the insurers with which you work and also your own product, if you have one.

The tricks of comparators Are they as transparent as you think?

Comparators are a great and very useful tool to search for insurance, but you must know how they work to be able to choose well.

The first key is to be clear about how they are showing you the prices . As with Google ads when you use the search engine , some pages will place their featured offers at the top , which do not have to coincide with the cheapest or the best. These promotions are usually highlighted, but in this case you should be attentive and use the option to order prices that most comparators have.

In this same line there are two more things with which you must be careful: prices that later do not correspond to the time of contracting and special discounts for the first contract. Actually, these tricks are not typical of the comparator, but of the insurer. For you to understand it better, most search engines offer a neutral price comparison system, but with its cracks. That is to say, there are formulas to come out in the first positions by altering the price or coverage.

The case of decoy prices usually occurs in telephone contracts. What happens is that the price that appears online in the comparator does not correspond later with the one that they offer you when closing the contract by telephone. When this happens, be suspicious and look for another proposal, since the comparator is limited to reflecting the price that the insurer is giving you. Any change is an indication that something is wrong.

The introductory offer trick is very simple but also effective. It consists of making a special hiring promotion the first year with a strong discount to attract the client. At the time of renewal is when the price will rise to the normal cost of the policy. Many insurers expect that the majority of users do not cancel the insurance on time and it ends up being renewed automatically.

On the other hand, not all comparators work with the same insurance companies and even those who do do not have the same offers. That is why it is interesting that you use at least two comparators when looking for your motorcycle or car insurance.

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