How much does car insurance cost for a new driver?

The price of car insurance for a new driver can be a real problem for any young driver with a driving license who wants to release their first car. A headache that can go beyond the cost of the policy, because there are insurers that do not cover drivers under 25 years of age, since they see it as an unaffordable risk. But what alternatives do young drivers have to insure their car ? What are the best insurances for a new driver ? That’s what we’re talking about today on our blog.

Lack of experience behind the wheel and risk are the elements that conspire to make it difficult for young people to access a car policy. Insurers have carefully studied the profiles of their policyholders and the novice driver is one of those with the highest accident rate.

However, the law requires the subscription of compulsory Civil Liability insurance that covers personal and material damage caused to third parties. Even if you are young and new, you must have your vehicle insured to be able to drive it. And of course, all this is a problem.

However, being a new driver, taking out car insurance is not an impossible mission. It takes more time, but there are options to insure the vehicle of a person with little experience behind the wheel.

Who is a new driver and why do they pay more for insurance?

A novice driver is considered to be a person who, having a valid driving license, lacks sufficient driving experience, since less than a year has passed since they passed the driving test.

When they get their driving license for the first time, the novice driver has only 8 of the 12 points on the license , and will only be able to get the total points when they have passed the first year of experience without having been sanctioned.

During that first year of running, the novice driver must notify the rest of the drivers by placing a plate with a white capital ‘L’ on a green background in his vehicle and complying with a series of limitations that affect the maximum speed allowed and the blood alcohol level.

Who is a new driver for your insurance?

This is a new driver, according to the DGT. But the vision that insurers have goes a little further, since they identify as an inexperienced driver any young person with a license who is under 25 years old and, in addition, has less than two years of driving license.

If you are in any of these situations, insurers consider you a novice driver and this has a considerable impact on the cost of the policy.

The reason? Well, the data shows that young drivers behind the wheel are more likely to have an accident.

That is why the car insurance of a new driver has a much higher price than if the same policy had an older driver with more kilometers behind him. However, do not despair. There are options so that you can drive your own car with good insurance.

How to get car insurance for a new driver

To insure the car of a young novice driver , several factors must be considered, starting with the type of vehicle, its age and the kilometers it will drive.

The most common is that a novice driver begins to improve his driving experience with a second-hand vehicle , although it is also the case that, as soon as he gets his license, he buys the car he has always wanted to drive.

For each situation, there is a policy that can be adjusted to your needs and your pocket. Let’s see what types of policies you can take out when you have little driving experience and in which cases they are the most appropriate.

Third party insurance for new driver

Whatever car you have, you can’t go without compulsory civil liability insurance . Without this coverage, you may find yourself in trouble on the road. What is known as third-party insurance is an alternative for a novice driver who is going to start driving with a second-hand car.

Third-party insurance offers the essential coverage and usually includes some extras, such as Voluntary RC or Legal Defense. In addition, they are the cheapest insurance for new drivers and that is why they are usually recommended.

Extended third-party insurance for new drivers

Another good option is to take out extended third-party insurance , because in addition to basic coverage, it also offers other guarantees such as coverage for fire, windows, theft…

These policies give more complete coverage, which raises the price of the premium. But if you travel by car very often and do a lot of kilometers, it may compensate for that extra cost that you pay more.

All risk insurance for new driver

If you are going to drive a new car or a few years old, the sensible thing to do is to consider insuring it at all risks. This modality is the most expensive, but also the one that gives the most complete coverage, as it includes the guarantee of own damages.

The truth is that, for a young person who has just started a new car, it can be difficult to find an All Risk for a new driver at a reasonable price. In fact, there are insurers that rule out offering this type of insurance for novice drivers, due to its high risk.

If the insurer agrees to insure your new car, remember that you have the option of paying a lower annual premium if you opt for comprehensive insurance with excess . In addition, many companies offer deferred payment to make insurance more affordable for young people.

Car insurance for young people

You can also find insurance for young people in the insurance offer. Some insurers have policies for new drivers , which pay special attention to the needs of those under 25 years of age.

They are usually policies that include the coverage of basic third-party insurance, but to which services and guarantees are added, such as window coverage, for example.

The good thing about this insurance for young drivers is that they are designed specifically for them and take into account their needs. In addition, they usually offer payment facilities or special discounts, so that a new driver does not have to give up getting behind the wheel because of the cost of insurance.

Insurance for an occasional new driver

Another situation that can happen is that you are a new driver, do not have your own vehicle and occasionally drive that of a family member. In addition, it is quite common that, when you get your license, you do the first few kilometers behind the wheel of your parents’ car. In this way you would become what the companies define as an occasional new driver .

In other words, if you don’t have a car, but you drive someone else’s vehicle, you have the option of being included as an occasional driver or second driver within the policy. The insurer would cover you in the event of an accident and, in addition, the price of the policy would be lowered considerably compared to what insurance means for a new driver.

For example, it should be remembered that this formula identifies you as an occasional user of the vehicle and should not be used in any other case. The insurer can consider it fraud if it is shown that the occasional driver is actually the usual one, with the consequences that this entails of loss of coverage and even possible sanctions.

In addition, it must be borne in mind that being an occasional driver on the policy does not give seniority or years of experience behind the wheel for the company. On the other hand, if you have an accident or blow, the part will harm the regular driver.

The best car insurance for new drivers

Regardless of the type of policy you are looking for, the truth is that there are insurers that offer young people a product designed especially for them, but there are also companies that promise to adjust the price of their policies to novice drivers, offering them the same guarantees.

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