Should I include my daughter or son in the Car Insurance?

Is it mandatory to include my son or daughter in the Car Insurance ? This is a question that more than one client who contacts our Insurance Broker asks us . And it is that, when contracting Automobile Insurance, many people think that, under the coverage of the policy that we have signed, anyone who drives the insured vehicle is protected, and much more if it is from our own family.

Well, keep reading and you will see that in this matter there are several nuances to take into account.

The truth is that insurance coverage has its limits and one of those exceptions may be related to the people who get behind the wheel of the insured vehicle.

In principle, the drivers of the vehicle have to appear in the contract, even if they are our children.

However, Car Insurance does not usually hinder the insured vehicle from being driven by other people who have a similar risk profile to the policy holder.

The problem is that, normally, in a family in which the Car Insurance is in the name of the father or the mother, the daughter or son are usually novice drivers or much younger. It may not be, but in most cases, it does. And that is a problem.

Why is it important to know who is the driver of the insured car?

It is advisable to take a look at the limits on coverage, known as Insurance exclusions . We can find them in the conditions of the policy and, among them, it is likely that the insurance coverage will be conditioned if the driver is one or another person.

Coverage Exclusions by Driver

This means that, if the driver does not meet the requirements that appear in the policy and suffers an accident with the vehicle, we may have a problem with the Insurance. Moreover, there are insurers that specify in their conditions the requirement that the driver be included in the policy to provide coverage in an accident.

There are also those that warn that some of the coverage only covers the main or occasional drivers, as well as the policy holder and the owner of the vehicle. Knowing what driver profile you are for insurance is vital, since there are insurers that set coverage exclusions when certain types of drivers drive them.

As you can see, the insurer does not care too much if the people who drive the insured car are from the same family, father and son, mother and daughter or vice versa. For them, two concepts that can be found in the terms of the contract become relevant: the main driver and the occasional driver . And the risk profile that each one presents.

Main driver and occasional driver

For Automobile Insurance , the main driver is the person who is legally authorized to drive the insured vehicle. It can be the policy holder, the owner of the car or another person who has the authorization of the owner of the car to drive it.

Of course, the Car Insurance policy must reflect who is the main driver of the car within the particular conditions, since it can be a relevant piece of information when evaluating the risk and calculating the Insurance premium.

Occasional drivers who use the car from time to time should also be included in the policy. The same car can have one or several occasional drivers, it is something that depends on each situation.

For example, in the Insurance contracted by delivery companies, it is important to establish the people who drive the commercial vehicles in the Fleet Insurance .

In any case, whether they are one or several drivers of the car, it is advisable to include them in the particular conditions of the insurance.

If we have an incident and the person driving the insured vehicle appears in the Car Insurance as a regular or occasional driver, it is guaranteed that in the event of an accident the person who was behind the wheel is protected by the coverage of the policy.

Occasional drivers and the price of car insurance

The price of Automobile Insurance can also be affected by the inclusion of one or more occasional drivers. It is a risk assumed by the insurance company and this is reflected in the premium.

However, it is worth including occasional drivers in the policy so as not to have problems giving a part to the Insurance . Although, at the moment of truth, each insurer has a way of acting in these cases.

The advisory work carried out by mediators can be of great help in determining which insurer is best for you if your car is used by several people.

Is my children covered by Car Insurance?

Well, it depends. As we have already mentioned, the driver can be a risk factor for the insurer and this is usually reflected in the terms of the policy.

The insurance contract establishes limits and exclusions to the coverage in case the driver is not the one who appears in the policy. And it is convenient to make sure that our son or daughter is not among them.

Drivers under the age of 25

Some companies do not cover claims in which the car has young people as an occasional driver. It is the typical case of the family in which the son or daughter who has not yet been able to buy their own car sometimes drives the father’s or mother’s car.

In these cases, be careful. Make sure the policy will cover the occasional young driver in an accident.

Drivers with less than 2 years of license

The lack of driving experience is penalized by insurers, who can veto these users as occasional drivers of an insured car.

Drivers with less seniority than the main driver

It may happen that the occasional driver of the car does not have the years of license that the policy holder treasures. In theory, the risk is higher if the driver is less experienced.

reckless drivers

This may seem obvious, but it is not: the Insurance does not cover drivers who violate the most basic traffic regulations or suffer an accident under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

If your child -or any other person to whom you lend the car- is not responsible behind the wheel, the insurer will not cover the claims they have while driving your car.

In short, the advice we give to all parents who are wondering whether they should include their daughter or son in Car Insurance is to find out in advance about the options offered by their insurer.

In principle, it is always advisable to include all occasional drivers in the policy , although it is convenient to know the cost it will have and what limits the insurer establishes for a person with less experience to drive. Because it may be time to change Car Insurance .

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