What does Third Party Car Insurance cover? Compulsory Civil Liability

When it comes to insuring a car, Third Party Insurance is the cheapest option. It is a basic Insurance, which includes the Compulsory Civil Liability coverage required by law to be able to circulate. Although every time we find offers of policies to Third Parties with more guarantees and services incorporated. That is why today we are going to really see what Third Party Insurance for cars covers .

Compulsory Insurance is normally associated with this type of car policy. However, for a long time insurers have offered cheaper basic insurance , but which include more features to attract their customers. The idea is to attract those customers who do not want or cannot spend more money to insure their vehicle with these offers.

Although the Third Party Insurance is still, in essence, a mandatory Civil Liability Insurance for automobiles that will respond in the event of an accident involving a third driver, for the damage caused to the latter, in the event that the accident was caused by the driver of the insured car.

Compulsory Civil Liability in Automobile Insurance

The Compulsory Insurance covers the Civil Responsibility of the driver and the owner of the car (even if they are not the same person) for the damages caused to third parties in a traffic accident that has been caused by the insured.

When we talk about Damage to Third Parties , we refer to:

material damage

Damage caused to other vehicles (such as dents and damage caused to other cars), damage to other people’s property (damage to walls, lampposts, street furniture, etc.) and injuries to run-over animals.

Physical damages

This covers all types of injuries caused to other people involved in the accident, whether they are pedestrians, occupants of another vehicle or passengers of the insured car, with the exception of the driver.

It is important to point out that the mandatory Civil Liability Insurance only covers the damages caused to the victims and that in no case will it compensate the person responsible for the accident for the damages they may suffer, whether to their vehicle or to their own person.

For this reason, and to complement the Third Party Insurance, it is advisable to incorporate a Driver’s Insurance in the policy, which at least offers coverage to the person behind the wheel of the car, regardless of their responsibility in the accident.

If what we want is to protect the damage that the vehicle may suffer, then it would be necessary to go up in level (and also in price) and subscribe to a personal damage policy .

Limits to the compensation of the Compulsory Insurance

Third-Party Insurance Civil Liability coverage offers fairly extensive coverage. Our insurer will pay compensation for material and personal damage caused by the insured in an accident, but up to a limit set by law.

Currently, the maximum amount of coverage varies depending on the damage caused:

personal injury

In the case of coverage for injuries to people and compensation for death, the maximum amount per claim, regardless of the number of victims, is 70 million euros.

material damage

Coverage for damage to other vehicles and property is covered up to a maximum of 15 million euros of compensation.

It is important to know the compensation limits, because if the amount provided by the insurer was not enough to cover the civil liability of the driver and owner of the vehicle, they would have to personally assume the difference.

That is, if you do not have a Voluntary Civil Liability Insurance , a supplement to the Compulsory Insurance that includes practically all the main insurers. If you did not know it, this post about  Voluntary Civil Liability Insurance may be useful to you.

What is not covered by Third Party Insurance for cars

In addition to establishing limits on compensation, in Third Party Insurance there are various cases that are not covered by this policy.

For example, there are cases in which the Compulsory Civil Liability Insurance does not cover damages to third parties when those affected are close relatives or personal belongings of the insured and his family.

In addition, damage to the spouse’s car or property corresponding to the Policyholder, Driver and Owner listed on the policy would not be covered when they are different people.

Third Party Insurance Exclusions

Other Third Party Insurance exclusions have more to do with the circumstances surrounding the claim. In this way, accidents that have occurred as a result of the consumption of narcotics or the rate of alcohol is exceeded are excluded from coverage.

As you can see, there are several cases in which the Compulsory Car Insurance does not cover. If you want to delve into the subject.

Who is Third Party Insurance for?

When insuring the vehicle, there are many factors that go into choosing the ideal policy. But it is possible to establish a profile of the driver interested in taking out basic insurance for his car .

Third-Party Car Insurance is usually contracted for vehicles that are already a few years old and it is not worth including guarantees that cover the loss of the car, because its market value has decreased over the years.

They are also used in those cases in which the user wants to pay as little as possible in the Insurance and prefers a cheaper policy, even if its coverage is very basic.

At Tylerfosterinsurance.com we are always committed to finding the best price, but without losing coverage that you may need at any given time. Third Party Insurance is cheap and has the advantage that its guarantees can be extended and customized to suit the needs of the user.

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