Going To Buy a Car Insurance so Must know these All Types of car insurance

Have you ever had an incident with your car and, when you resorted to insurance, you realized that your policy does not cover what you need at that very moment? This case happens very often. And it is that, you have to look closely at the detail of each coverage. Without a doubt, it is a cumbersome job, but vital. And what if you were given the job done with the confidence of knowing what you’re hiring for? Much better, right? Well, if you want to solve it now, you can enter our cheap car insurance comparator  so that our experts can tell you the best car insurance for you as soon as possible.

It is important that you bear in mind that the most suitable type of insurance for your car will depend on several factors:

  • Type of vehicle you want to insure:age, extra equipment (seats, tires, sound equipment, paint…) type of engine, cylinder capacity, CV (the higher the power, the higher the policies because the repairs are more expensive) , make, model or fuel (diesel insurance tends to be slightly more expensive)
  • Profile of the insurance driver: age, whether you are a novice or experienced driver and level of risk (use you give the vehicle, accident history, faculties…) Without a doubt, experience is a degree and if you have been driving for years, your policy It will be cheaper than if you just got your license, as it is more likely to have incidents behind the wheel.
  • Number and type of drivers listed on the policy:the usual driver, shared drivers, if there are second drivers or occasional drivers and their profiles. It is important to consider all the drivers of the vehicle so that the policy covers any of them in the event of an incident. Ignore this point, it can be very expensive. Drivers under the age of 25 tend to be treated differently as they are considered high-risk drivers.
  • Location:the weather conditions or the theft rate of the city where you are going to drive determine the price of your policy.
  • Car insurance companies:each insurer has its own statistics on claims and promotions, conditioning the final price of your policy.

Taking these aspects into account, you will be able to choose between these 4 types of car insurance on the market:

  • Third party car insurance
  • Extended third-party car insurance
  • All risk car insurance
  • All-risk car insurance with excess

Third party car insurance

Is your car more than 3 years old? Are you looking to save as much as possible on your car insurance? And, if in addition, you are one of those who does not usually give parts, except for that trick you had, cheap third-party car insurance is what suits you.

And you may be wondering, what exactly does third-party car insurance cover?


  • Mandatory civil liability:it is the mandatory minimum that you must have by law, whether you drive your car or have it in the garage. This covers material and personal damage caused to third parties involved in an accident if you have been the driver responsible for the accident. The amount of coverage is established by law and is up to 70 million euros to pay compensation to third parties for personal damage that you may have caused after a traffic accident and up to 15 million for material damage.

Those listed below will be included or not, depending on each insurer. But it’s good that you have all the information.

  • Voluntary civil liability:if it is not included, it is important that you have it in your account because it extends the economic limits established by Law (in the previous point cited) and the amount is determined by each insurer. Having this insurance can save you from a good economic problem in case you are responsible for an accident.
  • Personal injury:imagine that in a hypothetical accident the misfortune of death occurs, a physical injury or necessary health care, the company would compensate the policyholder or their beneficiaries.
  • Legal defense:it can happen that a traffic accident leads to a lawsuit. Well, in this case your insurer would intervene.
  • Management of fines:“fortunate fines that catch us by surprise”. Having this coverage included, you would forget about claiming or processing the fine.
  • Driving license withdrawal:if your license is taken away, there are insurers that provide you with an amount per month for the disorders that the situation may cause you.
  • Roadside assistance:this point has many variations depending on the insurer, such as the kilometer from which they serve you. But, ultimately, the objective is to give you support in case your vehicle fails or you have had an incident.
  • Complete assistance:it can include a replacement vehicle, financial aid in the event of injuries or hospitalizations, towing or rescue in the event of mechanical breakdown or theft, transfer of occupants…

In addition to the above, you can take out other types of coverage, and it is what is known as extended third-party car insurance. What coverages are we talking about?

  • Stole
  • moons
  • Fire

Lastly, you should know that, in third-party car insurance, whether basic or extended, material damage to third parties is not covered when it comes to spouses and relatives up to the third degree of consanguinity. This is done to prevent fraud.

Surely, with this information, you already know what coverage you need to contract for your car, so go to our online cheap car insurance comparator and you have it solved.

All risk car insurance

If you just bought the car or it is less than three years old, without a doubt, comprehensive insurance is your policy. Whether it’s because you’re brand new, because it’s high-end or, you’re one of those who prefer to “take care of your health”, never better said, comprehensive insurance for your car is the insurance you need.

Comprehensive car insurance has the maximum coverage. They cover damages to third parties that you may have caused in an incident and, in addition, the insurance is responsible for the damages that you or your vehicle may have suffered.

You will be calm, because with comprehensive car insurance , you will be able to face everything: from the uncomfortable scratch with the column of the garage, to the total loss of your car.

These all-risk car insurance policies, in addition to compulsory civil liability insurance, voluntary civil liability insurance, travel assistance, legal defense and material damage to themselves and third parties already mentioned, have this series of insurance coverage car included:

  • break of moons
  • robbery and fire
  • Full travel assistance
  • Sustitution vehicle
  • Defense and claim of fines
  • Card withdrawal coverage

Since there are many car insurance companies , the possibilities in terms of coverage are multiplied. For this reason, we invite you to tell us what you need in our online car insurance comparator so that we can choose the best policy for you. We will detail everything that is important for you to know so that you take out your car insurance with total confidence.

Excess car insurance

Since you already know how comprehensive car insurance works , you probably want all the coverage offered by comprehensive insurance, but paying less. Then, comprehensive insurance with excess is what you are looking for. But how does the car insurance franchise work?

The deductible is an amount determined by the insurer and that, in the event of an accident, you, as the insured, would have to pay for that part of the repair. From this fixed amount, the amount is assumed by the insurer. Let’s take an example: suppose your franchise is €180. If when you go on a trip you have an accident and you damage the fin of the car, you would pay the initial €180 for the repair and the insurer, the remaining amount of what the workshop would charge you for repairing the damage to the car.

The comprehensive insurance with excess is a magnificent option for your car. Now, the key is to compare car insurance coverage among all insurers so that you get the best offer. So, what are you waiting for? Enter our online cheap car insurance comparator and find the excess policy that best suits your pocket and needs. Our team of professionals explains and advises you so that you have the best solution as soon as possible.

car insurance for days

At this point, we know that any car has to be insured yes or yes. Perhaps your situation is different because you do not want to take out an annual policy since:

  1. You are going to sell your carand you do not want to commit yourself to the insurer for another full year
  2. You have a classic carthat you only use at specific times
  3. You cannot find an insurer to take out your annualcar insurance policy
  4. You are going to travel abroadand your policy does not cover you outside of Spain

If any of these cases is yours, your best option is temporary or daily car insurance. Look at the one that suits you best in our car insurance comparator. for days . You will see that you can hire it for days, weeks or even a month.

The minimum coverage of car insurance per day is mandatory by the Civil Liability Law. As in conventional insurance, you can extend the coverage without problems, but the quality of this type of insurance is the agility in contracting and that it allows you to circulate calmly, respecting the Law when you need it in a timely manner.

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