Why is it important to use a car insurance comparator?

Currently there is a wide range of Car Insurance that allows you to choose between several options and at very competitive prices, but although there are many companies that can protect your car, knowing what each one offers you means that you have to spend a lot of time researching each company. .

That is why the insurance comparators in Mexico help you find in one place the coverage and prices of various companies, today there are different types of simulators such as that of the National Commission for the Defense and Protection of Service Users Financial (Condusef).

And one of the best at present, such as Rastreador México, being this the best candidate to obtain insurance quotes, with only three years in the Mexican market, it is the only comparator in which you can directly contact the insurer, through its Tracker.mx page .

How does an insurance comparator work?

This is very simple, you just have to fill out a form, tylerfosterinsurance.com collects all the information of the car you want to insure and the person who drives it, in a few minutes the platform shows you on a single page the coverage that each insurer offers you from personalized way.

Why use an insurance comparator?

Comparing is the most natural act of the human being, according to economic theories of rational choice, this is because people make sure that what they are acquiring is the best service that exists in the market, we all like to have the best prices accessible and fair, you can achieve it with this Auto Insurance Quote .

This is why it is very good to compare something so vital, insurance comparators have the mission of making it easier for you to find a good insurer, while saving time and money.

The best thing is that in a single portal you are analyzing all the options that exist in the market for your car. These are the data that insurance comparators will request to calculate the price:

The car’s technical file: the main asset that you are insuring when you take out good insurance is your car. The data is of vital importance to be able to calculate the policy, such as model, make, version and year.

The driver’s data: the driver is also very important for insurance companies, he is the one who uses the car and who is exposed to any accident, which is why the comparator uses the most relevant data that can influence the price such as zip code, age, and gender.

With all this information, the tracker will communicate remotely and in real time with the insurance companies to show you the prices and coverage that best suit the particular characteristics of your car and you.

All drivers and all cars have different characteristics and needs, for this reason it is important to highlight that the insurance responds to you in a particular way depending on what you need, such as: total theft, medical expenses for occupants, complete road assistance that includes tow trucks or simply civil liability.

This is why the tracker collects all the technical information of the car as well as the driver, the information that is required is the one that directly influences the price of the insurance.

Types of coverage that you can find when comparing your car insurance

civil liability

This coverage covers the damages and bodily injuries that the insured has caused to another driver in a vehicular collision, this does not include the repair of the contracting party’s car or its theft, but it has legal defense and medical expenses for occupants.


It covers the same as the previous one, plus compensation for total theft of the car, this is the most economical policy on the market.


This is the most complete coverage that you can hire, since as the driver and its occupants, in addition to the car, they are supported, including: total theft, material damage, medical expenses, roadside assistance, substitute car, workshop repair, among other coverage that They will protect you at all times.

wide plus

This coverage includes the most complete package, it also has more benefits for users such as car waxing, zero deductible or immediate compensation payment, but these will depend on each insurance company, as well as more competitive insurance companies than the rest of the packages.

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