5 tips for buying car insurance online

If your car is still on the streets without a policy that covers it , this may be a good time to take advantage of the Good End offers.

However, before clicking on a plan that seems attractive to you, you should study and take into account the following aspects:

  1. Analyze what coverage you want:In general, there are three types of coverage: Civil Liability for Damage to Third Parties, limited coverage and comprehensive coverage.

Its responsibility ranges from the simplest, which is to take care of the medical expenses and the assets of the affected party (in the event of crashes), and it incorporates claims as the type of coverage (and the price) grows; It goes so far as to assume all the expenses for those injured in a mishap, in the event of total or partial theft of the vehicle, or road or legal assistance, among other characteristics.

  1. Do not be guided by the price:Normally, the lowest cost insurance only covers medical expenses of the affected person and the damage to their property that results from a mishap, but in a limited way. YOU MUST PAY FOR ALL IF NECESSARY.
  1. Analyze the sum insured of your coverage:This is the maximum that will be paid for an incident. Contemplate ALL the expenses that you cannot cover, and for those that you need to have a guardian angel that supports you in those difficult moments. Keep in mind that in Mexico City it is MANDATORY to have insurance that can compensate a sum of up to one million pesos in case of accidental death.
  1. Compare:You can quote many policies on the Autocompara site, to get an idea of ​​the price at which your car insurance ranges (which is calculated by the model, year and the amount of the sum insured for each event).
  1. Payment methods:Most payments are made through a credit card. Although you can find a way to do it through a deposit. When making your quote online, an advisor will contact you via email; ask him about the payment options, and how and when you will receive the policy that will guarantee that you are insured.

We know that it may seem cumbersome, but it is always better to be well informed to choose the insurance that suits you best.

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