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Missouri Earthquake Insurance, What’s Normally Covered?

Earthquake insurance covers damages to a home caused by the violent motions of an earthquake. Other damage caused by an earthquake such as auto damage due to fallen trees or fire due to ruptured gas lines would be covered by auto or homeowners insurance policies respectively.

missouri new madridHow much is an earthquake insurance deductible?

In Missouri the normal deductible is about 10 to 15% of the value of the home. Or, with a 10% deductible the owner of a $250,000 residence would pay 25 thousand dollars in deductibles before receiving benefits from an earthquake policy.

Home Construction and Earthquake Insurance

The age and construction of a home may effect it’s premiums or possibly disqualify it from insurance eligibility. For example, wood frame construction is more resilient than brick to the swaying forces of a quake. So premiums may be lower for wood framed homes.