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Missouri Church Workers Compensation Insurance

Are your staff members covered if an accident happens to them on the job? What if a church member hurts himself on a church sponsored mission site? Could you afford to provide coverage to your Missouri congregation in the case of accidents? Workers Compensation Insurance.

We Help Protect Your Church Workers

missouri church workers compensation insuranceYour staff members, leadership team and volunteers are all integral parts of your organization. They come to work or worship with enthusiasm. They energize the congregation to give time or money. They go on mission trips and keep the church in working order.

If one of your employees or volunteers is hurt while working for your church, then that person could be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. As a religious organization, you provide workers’ compensation benefits through workers’ compensation insurance. Workers’ comp covers payments for lost wages and medical expenses as a result of an on-the-job injury.

It is important to have workers’ compensation insurance that covers both paid employees and non-paid volunteers. Talk to Foster Insurance Group today about how you can protect your church with Missouri workers’ compensation. Call: 1-866-910-9630

Preparing for a Workers’ Compensation Audit

Before your organization can receive workers’ compensation insurance, you must conduct an audit to determine how much coverage you need. For details on what a workers’ comp audit entails contact us.

Serving Missouri Churches

At Foster Insurance Group we work exclusively with Missourians. We know the unique coverage needs of churches and we understand the values that keep your organization moving forward.