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Missouri Church Property Insurance

Are you a small upstart church in rural Missouri or do you have a buzzing congregation in downtown Springfield or St. Louis? Either way, your church building is your most valuable asset. Missouri Church Property Insurance all religious denominations are welcome.

Through GuideOne™, our FaithGuard® Church policy can meet your unique insurance needs. FaithGuard is a plan customized for churches. It includes property coverage and liability insurance for Missouri churches of all denominations.

Property Insurance for Missouri Churches

missouri church property insuranceMost churches own valuable property – property that holds deep spiritual meaning. Property coverage through FaithGuard protects such items as your buildings and physical structures, as well as other standard items such as furniture and office equipment. It also covers non-standard items such as:

-Stained glass windows
-Newly acquired or constructed property
-Equipment breakdown, including computers, boilers and electrical equipment
-Pastor’s personal belongings
-Building updates required by ordinance or law

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Specialized Insurance for Your Missouri Church

In addition to the benefits above, FaithGuard property insurance now covers the following:
Personal effects and property of others on a global basis, such as property lost on a mission trip. Fire and security alarm upgrades. Utility services interruption (direct damage and time element), such as when a storm knocks out your utilities and causes damage. Automated external defibrillators (AED). Indirect loss, such as the loss of church income and tuition fees resulting from a covered peril, including a violent incident such as a church intruder. Earthquake sprinkler leakage.

Some Missouri churches choose to add the following coverages to their policies with Foster Insurance Group. This provides even more property insurance and protection.

insurance-quoteCrime coverage – Protection for losses resulting from theft, employee dishonesty, forgery and alteration. Inland marine – Coverage for property that may be transported from one place to another, and unique types of property and art. Computer fraud coverage – Protection for the loss of money, securities and other tangible personal property caused by computer fraud of non-employees. Green upgrade – Coverage for the reasonable additional costs to upgrade to energy efficient building elements and appliances, in the event of a covered loss. Key person replacement coverage – Reimbursement of recruitment expenses to replace a senior or executive pastor who dies in a work-related accident. Limited flood coverage – Protection for buildings and personal property on a limited basis when a flood causes damage.