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Missouri Antique Collectible Auto Insurance

Lucky enough to land a classic car? With a rare beauty in your garage you’re going to want to protect your investment with collectible car insurance.

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Collectible/Antique Car Insurance

Why Collectible Car Insurance?

Collectible car insurance is different from a standard auto insurance policy. A regular cars value depreciates – your collectible doesn’t. Coverage is then based on agreed upon value of the car rather than cash value. You can take into account everything you’ve invested in your classic car.

Collectible Car Policies for Springfield, Missouri

We’ve partnered with American Collectors Insurance and Hagerty Insurance to provide to provide you an insurance policy to protect your classic cars.

get a missouri insurance quoteFoster Insurance Group exclusively serves families and individuals living in Springfield and southwest Missouri. We know the unique coverage needs of the area, and we understand the issues classic car owners face in the area.

Contact us today to receive a free quote for collectible car insurance. – Tyler Foster